located at 20 Tatibaeva Street, the Karakum offers a variety of meat-based European and local Karakalpak/Uzbek dishes (including vegetarian upon request). Meals average about US$5 per person, excluding drinks.  The Karakum also offers a business lunch and, in the evenings, live music and karaoke. Tel: 222 47 33, 222 32 00.


located at 21 Tatibaeva Street, across from the Karakum, the Neo offers non-smoking rooms on request as well as local Uzbek/Karakalpak, European and vegetarian dishes.  Karaoke is also available here, as well as the possibility to play billiards.

Café Aral

located at 20 Tatibaeva Street, in the same building as the Karakum, Café Aral offers similar fare, with prices ranging from US$2-3 per person.

Café Sheraton Club

located at 53 Garezcizlik Street, the Café Sheraton Club offers national and European cuisine as well as vegetarian dishes, can seat up to 50, with a bar. Tel: 222 87 81.